Thursday, May 10, 2007

Done with school forever

Just took my last exam this morning. I'm so relieved to be done; this week has been rather hectic. I'm sticking around Illinois for a week to go to a friend's wedding, then I'll be heading back to Virginia for the summer.

A few weeks ago my new Netgear router started acting up. I did a cold factory reset (holding the pin in the back while powering it on) but when it booted up all the lights stayed solid green. The device was inaccessible, and subsequent resets and reboots yielded no change. Thankfully the thing was still under warranty, so I sent it back to Netgear and just received the replacement in the mail this week. I had purchased a WGR614v6 International Version from, but Netgear sent me back a brand new WGR614v7 North America Version! This version seems to have fixed the authentication bug I noticed in the v6. I also got to keep the old ethernet cable :) So even though I had to pay a few dollars to ship the old one out, I'm still satisfied with Netgear's quick response and their better-than-the-original replacement device. I'm using it now as I type this with no problems :)

Lastly, we've finally rolled out our LDAP creation tool on Sign up, or update your account info. This means our wiki is open to all who register!