Monday, June 09, 2008

Fedora 9 impressions

I've been running Fedora 9 for a while now. Although some things in F8 felt half-baked to me (I had trouble with PulseAudio + Audacious), F9, like each Fedora release, feels more polished.

  • Yum is much faster - not as fast as apt, but getting there.
  • PackageKit is much more polished than the package manager GUI F8 used (Pirut and Pup).
  • Swfdec works pretty well!

  • Firefox 3 occasionally crashes, and many plugin authors haven't updated their plugins to version 3.
  • Gkrellm: I haven't seen an error window like this in a while :)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

summer internship

I'm interning this summer at Community Bible Church, at Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania. I drove up to the area on May 24, met the pastor that night, and met the church congregation on Sunday the 25th. They are a nice bunch of folks! I was so surprised to see the sign outside the church welcoming me.

So far I've been able to teach Sunday School on Sunday mornings, lead Bible study on Wednesday nights, and redesign the church website: Tomorrow I preach my first sermon there on the book of Esther.

My fiancée, Audrey, is on a plane to the Philippines for her internship this summer, where she'll be working with the missionaries there and discipling women in the church group.