Friday, February 16, 2007

Culby vs Dryer

Thursday night a rumor floated around that a bunch of Culby guys were going to storm our floor with snow. A lot of Dryer 2 guys prepared to counter the attack by filling up tons of trash cans with water. After several false alarms, a number of Culby guys did rush up to the building. They stayed outside and threw snowballs at the lounge windows. Eventually people from all three Dryer floors went outside for a snowfight. Both sides had trashcans for heaving snow and several people got a lot of water and snow in the face!

This morning right after chapel started in Torrey-Gray Auditorium, some Dryer 3 guys hiding in the choir loft quickly pulled back a curtain to reveal a banner they had made. It had the names of all three Dryer floors and read:

"The next day, when Dryer searched the battlefield, they found Culby dead on Dryer Lawn. They cut off Culby's head and stripped off his armor. Then they spread the good news all through MBI country and among the Moodies. They displayed his armor in the shrine of Torrey. They nailed his corpse to the wall of Gray. 1 Samuel 31:8, Dryer Abridged Version"

Whoever made the banner had also collected a bunch of clothes which the Culby guys had dropped during the fight, and fashioned them into a headless dummy which hung from a rope next to the banner in front of the whole school during the whole of chapel!

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