Friday, February 02, 2007

ethne with FC6

I've wiped ethne and installed Fedora Core 6 and Xfce 4.4. After a long hassle, I'm basically back to where I was with kappa, desktop environment-wise. Setting up my HP 1020 wasn't hard with foo2zjs drivers. The biggest challenge was the Cisco VPN client.

After installing kernel-devel, I downloaded vpnclient-linux- and ran the vpn_install bash script. The script complained about some problems with the kernel source. After hunting around online I found a blog describing the necessary fixes to make the client compile with Fedora Core 6. After the client compiled and installed correctly, I started the service. The script in /etc/init.d complained that the kernel module wasn't valid. After more hunting around I read on that this was a result of the infamous FC6 kernel bug (FC6's anaconda installs the kernel for i586 when it should install i686). Once I replaced the kernel with the correct architecture I was good to go. I set up the profile to get into the VPN server in Reston, and... "Connection timed out". At that moment I remember noticing that Moody's network had gone down and all the dhcp leases were wiped out. This means ethne now has a new IP address, but Moody's firewall rule is presumably still using the old one. I rushed over to Crowell to see if someone in IS could change it, but the main engineers had already left for the weekend. What a bummer. But God is good to me. And hopefully this will be resolved soon so I can get back to work! :)

Oh, and it's Audrey's birthday today. We're going out to celebrate Saturday night :)

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